About RTG

The Registered Testing Group (RTG) is a group of athletes of the highest rank that each international federation and the national authority responsible for doping determine separately, and whose members are subject to testing in the competition and outside of the competition within the planned test schedule. Athletes, apart from the nationally registered test group, may also be in the registered test group of their international federation in a particular sport (IF) and should send them location information.

In accordance with the Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency, it has been recognized that out-of-competition is the basis of the fight against doping, and this strengthens the confidence of athletes and the general public in doping-free sport.

Athletes can be tested at any time and in every place (training, place of residence, school, college, workplace).

Failure to fulfill the obligation of accessibility for testing or omissions related to the submission of location data by an athlete – member of RTG, constitutes a violation of Article 2.4 of the Code, for which a penalty of two (2) years is prohibited.